The Stelvio Pass and the ski slopes in the glacier – standing at over 3000 metres above sea level – can be seen online thanks to 11 webcams placed in the most strategic points.

The project, by the Banca Popolare di Sondrio to support the image and tourist promotion of the Stelvio Pass, lets you see the weather and snow conditions of the Pass in real time, even when it is inaccessible for about six months in winter.


This project was no easy feat: temperatures which in the winter can reach – 40° , with winds of more than 150 km an hour and abundant snowfalls, put the equipment to a harsh test every year. To counter the severe environmental conditions, special “reinforced” cameras were installed which, in the case of breakdown, allow the technicians to intervene remotely, in any weather condition.

Webcam - Pirovano terrace
Pirovano terrace
Webcam - Cableway Passo Stelvio / Trincerone
Cableway Passo Stelvio / Trincerone
Webcam - Geister peak and ski slope
Geister peak and ski slope
Webcam - Stelvio pass
Stelvio pass
Webcam - Stelvio pass towards South Tyrol
Stelvio pass towards South Tyrol
Webcam - Stelvio pass and Ortles peak
Stelvio pass and Ortles peak
Webcam - Madonna della neve
Madonna della neve
Webcam - Stelvio pass towards Valtellina
Stelvio pass towards Valtellina
Webcam - Stelvio pass from Pirovano roof
Stelvio pass from Pirovano roof

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Weather Forecast for the province of Bolzano

HYDThe provincial weather service’s report.
The weather and hydrometric information is supplied by the hydro-graphic office of the Independent Province of Bolzano.
Updates at 7.30 a.m. and 11.00 a.m.



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