2018 Season opening 31/05 Closing 04/11


The Stelvio Pass can be reached during the summer/autumn, from mid-May to the beginning of November.

During the winter months, the road for vehicles is closed, as are the many tourist infrastructures on the Pass.

Passo dello Stelvio

The Stelvio Pass, due to its considerable altitude (2760 metres), as well as being one of the highest passes suitable for road vehicles in Europe, is synonymous with majestic glaciers and high peaks touching on 4000 metres.
From the Stelvio Pass, and in particular from the ski slopes that reach an altitude of 3450 metres, the Alpine panorama, visible with the naked eye, is unique and spectacular and spans 360° over the whole of the South-Eastern Rhaetic Alpine arc.

After having become very well known in the 1950s as one of Europe’s most important summer skiing areas, the Stelvio Pass is still a well loved destination for skiing enthusiasts and members of national teams, for whom it is an ideal gym for their training and instructors who teach skiing at top technical levels.
Since 2008, the ski resort has also boosted its offer for snowboard riders, with the creation of a fully-equipped snow park, which is always open, even in August.

Passo dello Stelvio

The Stelvio Pass is also popular with many enthusiasts of other sports such as: Mountain Bike, Ski racing, climbing, trekking, archery, cycling and so on ...
The altitude makes it a particularly suitable place for all athletes who have to increase their breathing and metabolism capacities.